HP Online Training Helps Managers

Improve the quality of training you provide to volunteers and seasonal workers by putting it online. Here are the 4 key reasons to include online training among your training strategies. Online training:

  1. Online training delivers the most up-to-date training most efficiently.
  2. Since online training course are disseminated at the push of a button, they can be quickly and easily updated. No need to spend scarce resources to reprint and redistribute training materials when conditions change. As soon as the content is changed on line, all users have access to the new information.
  3. Online training efficiently delivers consistent training that yields consistent good results from all users
  4. An online training course delivers the same high quality course to all users. Not just the same objectives, agenda, or materials but the same training. Online training eliminates knowledge deficits due to spotty attendance, over-full agendas or erratic trainers at face-to-face training sessions.

Online training refreshes workers’ knowledge of procedures in the most effective, cost neutral manner.

Most officials bemoan the limited training opportunities they can offer workers due to time and budget constraints. The online training course is free and accessible 24/7 from any computer with internet access. Workers can use it to preview and review the face-to-face training session. Individuals can visit the site as often as they like at no additional cost.

Online training improves the focus and effectiveness of traditional face-to-face training sessions.

Supervisors can instantly check who has taken the course and passed the culminating test. Use the online training test results to narrow the agenda of face-to-face training sessions to the move frequently missed items.

View HAVA Partners online poll worker training demo, click here.