Combine HP Online Training with Our other Online Management Tools

Providing an online training program is one way HAVA Partners clients can signal that it takes seriously people’s expectation for readily available information that they need and when they want it. Online training is available 24 hours a day from any computer with internet access which makes it convenient for your workers.

HAVA Partners offers management tools that clients can add to the training program:

  • Dashboard to allow easy access to programs
  • Bulletin board to post breaking news
  • Self registration
  • In-person (F2F) training session scheduler
  • Online conference center where subject matter experts can answer follow up questions
  • Custom and pre-written emails
  • Avatar driven virtual work place where users can practice what they have learned
  • Robo call and text messaging to instantly reach out to you audience
  • A proven participation plan to ensure you maximize your investment in online training

Add the face-to-face training session scheduler, for example, to free staff from scheduling worker into the sessions via phone calls to every worker. Let the workers choose the session that is right for them. Set conditions that determine which sessions a worker can choose, for example, their assignment, how well they did on the online training program, or their level of experience, for example.

The HAVA Partners face-to-face scheduler is supported by:

  • pre-written confirmation and reminder emails
  • class-list generation
  • attendance check
  • emails to those who didn’t show up as anticipated

These features make the scheduler flexible and convenient for both the workers and the office.

HAVA Partners offers a suite of training and management tools, including support to help you manage integrating new tools into your existing systems.

View HAVA Partners online poll worker training demo, click here.