Online Training Improves Performance

Effective online training, like effective face-to-face training, matches students’ needs and abilities with effective teaching. HAVA Partners’ online training programs are designed for adult learners. The course content is presented to build on users’ experiences to create new learning. We use narrative, animation, video, case studies, FAQs, and other resources to help users learn the content. Key concepts are presented through each of these program features to retell and recap and, therefore, make them more likely to be remembered.
HAVA Partners programs also incorporate these important adult learning principles:

  • Allow for problem solving and application of what is learned
  • Offer choice and self-direction
  • Provide opportunities for observation, modeling, and practice
  • Give immediate feedback

All design elements in the HAVA Partners online training program are field-tested to ensure they are entirely user-friendly. The design is intuitive – users won’t be distracted from the course content to look for the “next” button or to wonder how far you’ve come from the beginning or have to go to the end. We use a pleasing color scheme, legible fonts, ample white space, and imbedded directions for supplemental features, such as operating the instructional videos.

In addition to excellent design and adult learning principles, HAVA Partners online training programs are accessible at anytime from any computer with internet access. Users can start, stop and return to the course where they left off.

View HAVA Partners online training demo, click here.