Cost Comparison between Online and In-Person Training

Based on company with 2000 employees in five locations.
•    Face-to-face (F2F) training requires 3 hour session:  one hour each for seminar, role play and Q&A, and testing. To test 500 employees F2F requires two days at each of four sites.  Estimated average hourly wage is $18.50 based on annual salary of $40,000 or $150/day.
•    Total cost F2F is $18.50x 3 hrs= $55.50 x 2000 employees = $110,000 (approximately)

•    Online training , including testing 500 employees, requires only one hour because seminar, role play, Q&A, and testing are integrated into a single one-hour session.
•    Total cost online $18.50 x 1 = $18.50 x 2000 employees = $37,000 (approximately)