Why HAVA Partners

Training is HAVA Partners’ core business – especially adults and online. We are not a software company that “does” training. We are experienced educators and policy makers. We’ve held appointed positions in state and federal government. We have extensive background in education (University of Maryland University College and Johns Hopkins University) and training in private and public sector. We bring genuine training experience to our projects that benefit our clients.

HAVA Partners staff members have been working in the field of online training since its inception. We have worked in the academic, commercial and public sectors developing and delivering training materials online. It is safe to say we have literally grown with the field of on-line training since 1996.

HAVA Partners understands, from our actual experience and scholarship in web based training, how to create online training programs that don’t just entertain or bore users. We understand how to enhance face-to-face training with web based instruction and communication tools. The online courses we design incorporate important adult learning principles so that users are engaged and learning all the way through the course and therefore well-prepared for the job.

HAVA Partners offers a suite of poll worker training and management tools, including support to help you manage integrating new tools into your existing systems.

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