Getting the most out of your online training system

August 29, 2011

In these tough economic times everyone is looking for ways to save money and do the same amount of work for less.

Your online training program and the tools built around it can help you accomplish that goal.

Whether it’s making do with less staff or reducing costs related to communications, scheduling, printing, room rentals, temporary hires or simply parking for poll workers, our clients are using their online training system to reduce costs and save time.

Below are some ideas how your online training site can save money.

* Require poll workers to get and use email accounts. Phase the requirement in over a few years, but get to the point where virtually all communications are electronic. This will save money now spent on postage and printing costs as well as staff time taking and making calls. Use the “bulk email” feature of your online training program to compose and send messages to your pollworkers.

* Use the printable resource section on the site for poll workers to print documents (manuals, forms etc.) at home. Many people will do this especially if you explain that you are saving the county money.

* Require poll workers use the automated scheduler to schedule in person training. This avoids hiring temps and/or saves staff time currently used calling and taking calls from poll workers.

* Ask precinct chiefs to schedule their workers if you are worried some workers cannot schedule themselves online.

* Reduce or eliminate, or substantially shorten, in –person trainings for veteran or all your workers. We have clients who do this in different ways. Some require in person training every 4 years and use online training as a substitute for the “between years”. Another approach is to use the test question report to determine the areas to cover in the face-to-face training session.

* Use robo calls to your poll workers to notify them of urgent messages or changes that can be viewed online. This will save postage and other mailing costs. HAVA Partners has robo call capability; we can make the calls for you in a matter of minutes.

* Expand the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) folder on your site and encourage poll workers to look there and/or at the bulletin board on the dashboard for information.

* Use the conference center/message board to answer questions from poll workers. This will save staff time.

These ideas will only work if you have a critical mass of users. HAVA Partners can help you build that participation as well. Let’s talk about a participation building plan that works for your situation!

Please call HAVA Partners to learn more about increasing participation or using these features. We want to be your partner in providing more effective, efficient, and cost saving training, communications and management.

If you are already fully utilizing your online training then it may be time to enhance the experience for your poll workers. HAVA Partners can also provide additional customized courses.

A veterans’ course can be created for your experienced poll workers that may not need to navigate through the basics course.

Review courses can be rolled out just days before an election to highlight important operations or changes in the election law.

Topic of the Day communications are emails that are sent directly to poll workers to enhance the learning experience and highlight the most important duties that poll workers are expected to carry out on Election Day.

If you need additional information or want to discuss how HAVA Partners can assist you with your poll worker training, please call Scott Harrington at 515-309-1657.

We appreciate your continued business and want to be your partner going forward during this time of change.

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