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HAVA Partners’ Simulation Summer

HAVA Partners, under contract with Texas and Ohio Secretaries of State, has created training simulations for all voting equipment, except those made by Sequoia. Poll workers in those states will use the customized simulations be trained for the 2008 November General Election. Officials see the simulations as an effective, efficient and inexpensive way to provide uniform training on this critical aspect of election administration.

HAVA Partners’ simulations present the voting equipment in 3 stages: demonstration, guided walk through, and practice. In addition to the procedures, the simulations include how to complete the required paperwork. HAVA Partners worked with subject matter experts from counties that use the equipment to create the simulations.

HAVA Partners Chosen by Pew and JHET Again

HAVA Partners will participate in a second Make Voting Work study of the efficacy of online poll worker training. This study will include assessing various outreach methods to increase poll worker use of the online training program. The study will be conducted during the 2008 General Election in 2 Texas counties: Bexar and Travis and the researchers will again be lead by Steve Mockabee from University of Cincinnati

Preliminary findings from the research conducted in Ohio during the March 2008 Primary Election indicate that poll workers who take online training are better prepared than those who only take face-to-face training.