E-learning Consulting

What do politics, flu shots and online education share?

Aggressive engagement strategies are required to succeed.

E-learning has the potential to educate the world at an affordable price.

But its Achilles heel is the withdrawal/non completion rates. Students in a virtual classroom need to be connected to their classes and as accountable for their class work as they are in a traditional classroom. Some schools know how to spot a student at-risk of failing or underperforming; but most are left asking “what do we do with the at-risk student now?”

We have an answer to that question.

Our program applies basic principles of behavioral psychology to techniques learned in other disciplines — such as political organizing, public health campaigns, and other social movement — outside of education to improve retention rates and student performance in online education. And do it via technology so it can scale at an attractive price.

We have not done it education — yet. But we have;

  • Run programs to develop best practices in e-learning for state and local governments with 90% plus participation rates among random samples.
  • Increased turnout among hard to reach sectors of the electorate by over 9%.
  • Increased significantly participation in public health campaigns

We can deploy engagement strategies that will increase retention rates and improve student performance in e-learning courses. And we can do on scale and at an affordable price.

I have not the time or space to tell you how in this email. But I will happily explain more over the phone or in person.

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Principals in the distant education team include:

Brad Knott, has been creating online courses and building engagement for clients such as the Texas, Ohio and Iowa Secretary of State since 2006. He has been the project manager on numerous academic studies funded by Pew Charitable Trust and the Election Assistance Commission to develop best practices in e-learning. Prior to starting HAVA Partners, Mr Knott was political consultant specializing in direct mail, grassroots communications and organizing.

Hal Malchow: is one of America’s leading political consultants who helped bring database analytics and rigorous control group testing to campaign politics. His clients have included five presidential nominees, the US Olympic Committee, the American Red Cross and number non-profit, political and commercial organizations. His leadership in bringing measurement and analytics to politics is documented in a recent book, The Victory Lab by Sasha Issenberg.

Todd Rogers is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). He is a behavioral scientist whose work bridges the gap between intention and action. Some topics he has studied include the cognitive and social factors that influence election participation (e.g., get-out-the-vote activities informed by psychological insights) Mr Rogers serve