Interactive Online Training Course Demo

HAVA Partners provides interactive online training solutions for clients large and small.  We work with you to re-purpose your training content for presentation on the web and add interactivity and testing throughout. HAVA Partners’ system lets you track users’ participation and achievement. We will work with you to shape the system to meet your current and anticipated needs.

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Virtual Polling Place

HAVA Partners’ clients now have access to the most innovative tool for poll worker training: the Virtual Polling Place. This avatar-driven training tool puts poll workers in a 3-D, animated polling place with accurate layout, jurisdiction-specific voting machines, voters and poll workers. As the program walks poll workers through a scenario, a virtual trainer poses questions and suggests alternative solutions. Poll workers control the action to execute the correct procedures.

We will work with you to customize the scenarios to reflect practice and procedures in your jurisdiction.

To see a demo VPP, click here.

Interactive Simulations: “Learn by Doing” Technology

Teaching people to operate equipment, say, voting equipment, is both critically important and has been difficult to do well, until now. HAVA Partners has developed engaging simulations in which users actually interact with the voting equipment.

Our simulations engage users with the equipment rather than just show them how it works, as can happen in a video or in a group hands-on training session of more than a few people.  The simulations are based on video but that is where the similarities end. Simulations let people learn by doing because they are interactive, focused, and effective. Simulations are the best of education with a bit of entertainment thrown in to enhance the learning.

To see a demo voting equipment simulation, click here.


Video+Plus blends videos with interactive practice completing forms. We video your exact procedures in short segments and build test questions related directly to each short segment. When a user answers the questions correctly, he or she can proceed to the next segment. Users can view a segment as many times as they like. In addition, we will build an interactive version of key forms so users can practice completing them correctly.

To see a Video+Plus demonstration, click here.