Management Team

HAVA Partners has assembled an expert and stable team to deliver innovative and effective online tools to meet clients’ training, recruiting and managing needs. We bring genuine professional experience as trainers and educators to our projects that benefit our clients.

Bradley Knott, J.D.
Mr. Knott is the Founder and Managing Partner of HAVA Partners. He is a former administrative judge at the United States Department of Labor, and is an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Maryland University College School of Business Administration. Brad was a pioneer in online instruction and has used interactive media to train employees from the federal government and in the private sector since 1996. He has a Masters Degree in communications from the University of Iowa and law degree form Catholic University of America. Brad provides practical and innovative online solutions to help you train, recruit, and manage volunteers and seasonal work forces.

Maggie O’Neill, M.A.
Ms. O’Neill is HAVA Partners’ Director of Content Management. She is experienced developing adult-education content for online tutorials and facilitated courses. She holds a master’s degree in Education Policy and Administration from University of Maryland. She served as Director of Maryland’s Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism during the Glendening/Townsend administration. Maggie and her Content Team of writers and producers work closely with clients to ensure the online tools we develop meet their specific needs.

John Evans
Mr. Evans is HAVA Partners Technology Director. He has more than 11 years experience in application and database development. Mr. Evans has developed large scale, mission-critical systems for international internet service providers, large and medium-sized software development companies, and several non-profit organizations using a wide range of technologies. This experience ensures that the HAVA Partners’ solution is created, tested, and supported using established software development methodologies, and industry-leading technology and security protocols.

Chet Olsen, J.D.
Mr. Olsen, Counsel, formerly served as a product manager and content director with an online training firm, The Legal Knowledge Company, the market leader in the legal compliance field. Mr. Olsen is an attorney who works on all phases of our training module development, including course content.